/sys/doc/ Documentation archive

The ftp archive at plan9.att.com includes the following:

/plan9/man - manuals & licencing information
/plan9/pcdist - images of four disks that make a PC boot package
/plan9/unixsrc - source for Plan 9 related Unix cmds
/plan9/update - source updates to the distribution
/plan9/doc - current papers about Plan 9 including:
	acid.ps - the acid debugger manual
	acidpaper.ps - the acid debugger description
	acme/acme.ps - the acme user interface
	alef/alef.ps - the alef langauge manual (Plan 9 implementation)
	alef/unixalef.ps - the alef language manual (Unix implementation)
	ape.ps - the Posix emulation environment
	asm.ps - Plan 9 assembly languages
	comp.ps - Plan 9 compilers
	install.ps - how to install plan 9 from the CD
	mkfiles.ps - how we use mkfiles
	names.ps - naming in Plan 9
	net/net.ps - network interfaces in Plan 9
	pcconfig.ps - how to configure a standalone Plan 9 PC
	port.ps - the different Plan 9 ports
	release.ps - release notes
	sam/sam.ps - the sam editor
	tromso.ps - the tromso plan 9 paper
	utf.ps - UTF under Plan 9


README for Plan 9 ftp archive at ftp.ecf.toronto.edu:/pub/plan9

This ftp archive is a repository of software and documentation
created by the Plan 9 user community.

Right now, it contains the following directories:

forsyth - is a mirror of ftp.cs.york.ac.uk:/pub/plan9
	it includes an Ident (RFC1413) service,
	routed (RIP listener), and 2 PC scsi drivers.
	queries to forsyth@minster.york.ac.uk

matty - is a mirror of ftp.cs.su.oz.au:/matty/unicode
	it includes 9term, libXg (with Unicode support) and the sam editor.
	queries to Matty Farrow <matty@cs.su.oz.au>

steve - has some small scripts I wrote
	it includes uptime and tcp79 (finger service)
	queries to Steve Kotsopoulos <steve@ecf.toronto.edu>

An archive of the 9fans mailing list is available via anonymous ftp
	from ftp.cse.psu.edu:/pub/plan9-fans/9fans.93-94
	mail 9fans-request@cse.psu.edu to subscribe to the list

The Plan 9 developers at Bell Labs have the following ftp archives:
	plan9.att.com:/plan9/plan9doc Plan 9: The Early Papers
	plan9.att.com:/plan9/plan9man manuals & licencing information
	plan9.att.com:/plan9/unixsrc source for Plan 9 related Unix cmds

If you have something useful, but you don't have an anonymous ftp server,
I can make it available here.  I will also mirror any remote sites that have
useful stuff (should be better for some people than crossing the oceans
to the UK or Australia).

More information is available on the Plan 9 World Wide Web page.
The url is http://www.ecf.toronto.edu/plan9/

Just send me mail if you would like to submit anything.
Steve Kotsopoulos <steve@ecf.toronto.edu> - Jan 9, 1995