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Plan 9 Manual Section 2

intro - introduction to library functions
abort - generate a fault
abs, labs - integer absolute values
access - determine accessibility of file
add, sub, mul, div, raddp, rsubp, rmul, rdiv, rshift, inset, rcanon, eqpt, eqrect, ptinrect, rectinrect, rectXrect, rectclip, Dx, Dy, Pt, Rect, Rpt - arithmetic on points and rectangles
ARGBEGIN, ARGEND, ARGC, ARGF, arginit, argopt - process option letters from argv
atof, atoi, atol, charstod, strtod, strtol, strtoul - convert text to numbers
auth, amount, srvauth, authenticate, getchal, chalreply, newns, authdial, passtokey, nvcsum, convT2M, convM2T, convTR2M, convM2TR, convA2M, convM2A, convPR2M, convM2PR - network authentication
balloc, bfree, rdbitmap, wrbitmap, rdbitmapfile, wrbitmapfile - allocating, freeing, reading, writing bitmaps
bind, mount, unmount - change name space
Bopen, Binit, Binits, Brdline, Bgetc, Bgetrune, Bgetd, Bungetc, Bungetrune, Bread, Bseek, Boffset, Bfildes, Blinelen, Bputc, Bputrune, Bprint, Bwrite, Bflush, Bterm, Bbuffered - buffered input/output
bitblt, bitbltclip, clipline, point, segment, polysegment, arc, circle, disc, ellipse, texture, border, string, strsize, strwidth, Fcode - graphics functions
brk, sbrk - change memory allocation
cachechars, agefont, loadchar, Subfont, Fontchar, Font - font utilities
chdir - change working directory
cputime, times - cpu time in this process and children .SM ASCII
ctime, localtime, gmtime, asctime, timezone - convert date and time to
isalpha, isupper, islower, isdigit, isxdigit, isalnum, isspace, ispunct, isprint, isgraph, iscntrl, isascii, toascii, _toupper, _tolower, toupper, tolower - ASCII character classification
leieeesftos, leieeedftos, ieeesftos, ieeedftos - machine-independent debugger functions cisctrace, risctrace, ciscframe, riscframe, localaddr, symoff, fpformat, beieee80ftos, beieeesftos, beieeedftos, leieee80ftos,
dial, hangup, announce, listen, accept, reject, netmkaddr - make and break network connections
dirread - read directory
dup - duplicate an open file descriptor
encrypt, decrypt, netcrypt - DES encryption
errstr, werrstr - description of last system call error
event, einit, estart, etimer, eread, emouse, ekbd, ecanread, ecanmouse, ecankbd, ereshaped, getrect, menuhit, Event, Mouse, Menu - graphics events
exec, execl, _clock - execute a file
exits, _exits, atexit, atexitdont, terminate - terminate process, process cleanup
exp, log, log10, pow, pow10, sqrt - exponential, logarithm, power, square root
Fcall, convS2M, convD2M, convM2S, convM2D, getS, fcallconv, dirconv, dirmodeconv - interface to Plan 9 File protocol
fgetc, getc, getchar, fputc, putc, putchar, ungetc, fgets, gets, fputs, puts, fread, fwrite - Stdio input and output
fabs, fmod, floor, ceil - absolute value, remainder, floor, ceiling functions
fopen, freopen, fdopen, fileno, fclose, sopenr, sopenw, sclose, fflush, setvbuf, setbuf, fgetpos, ftell, fsetpos, fseek, rewind, feof, ferror, clearerr - standard buffered input/output package
fork, rfork - manipulate process resources
fprintf, printf, sprintf, vfprintf, vprintf, vsprintf - print formatted output
frinit, frsetrects, frclear, frcharofpt, frptofchar, frinsert, frdelete, frselect, frselectp, frselectf, frgetmouse - frames of text
frexp, ldexp, modf - split into mantissa and exponent
fscanf, scanf, sscanf, vfscanf - scan formatted input
fsession, fauth - set up authentication on a file descriptor to a file server
getenv, putenv - access environment variables
getfcr, setfcr, getfsr, setfsr - control floating point
getfields, getmfields, setfields, tokenize - break a string into fields
getpid, getppid - get process ids
getuser - get user name
getwd - get current directory
Point, Rectangle, Bitmap, Cursor, binit, bclose, berror, bscreenrect, bneed, bflush, bwrite, bexit, clipr, cursorswitch, cursorset, rdfontfile, ffree, charwidth, Pconv, Rconv - bitmap graphics
hypot - Euclidean distance
eipconv, parseip, parseether, myipaddr, myetheraddr, maskip, equivip - Internet protocol
lalloc, lfree, ltofront, ltoback, lcstring - graphics layers
lockinit, lock, canlock, unlock - shared memory spin lock
beswab, beswal, leswab, leswal - machine-independent executable file access crackhdr, machbytype, machbyname, newmap, setmap, unusemap, loadmap, findseg, get1, get2, get4, put1, put2, put4,
malloc, free, realloc, calloc - memory allocator
memccpy, memchr, memcmp, memcpy, memmove, memset - memory operations
mktemp - make a unique file name
NaN, Inf, isNaN, isInf - not-a-number and infinity functions
ndbopen, ndbclose, ndbreopen, ndbsearch, ndbsnext, ndbgetval, ndbfree, ipattr, ipinfo, ndbhash, ndbparse, csgetval - network database
notify, noted, atnotify - handle asynchronous process notification
objtype, readobj, objtraverse, isar, nextar, readar - object file interpretation functions
open, create, close - open a file for reading or writing, create file
perror, syslog - system error messages
pipe - create an interprocess channel
plbutton, plcanvas, plcheckbutton, pledit, plentry, plframe, plgroup, plidollist, pllabel, pllist, plmenu, plmenubar, plmessage, plpopup, plpulldown, plradiobutton, plscrollbar, plslider, pltextview - panel-creation functions
Panel, Rtext, plpack, plmove, pldraw, plfree, plgrabkb, plkeyboard, plmouse, plscroll, plentryval, plsetbutton, plsetslider, pleget, plelen, plegetsel, plepaste, plesel, plescroll, plgetscroll, plsetscroll, plplacelabel, plrtstr, plrtbitmap, plrtpanel, plrtfree, plgetpostextview, plsetpostextview - Panel manipulation functions
plinitbutton, plinitcanvas, plinitcheckbutton, plinitedit, plinitentry, plinitframe, plinitgroup, plinitidollist, plinitlabel, plinitlist, plinitmenu, plinitmessage, plinitpopup, plinitpulldown, plinitradiobutton, plinitscrollbar, plinitslider, plinittextview - panel reinitialization functions
postnote - send a note to a process or process group
print, fprint, sprint, snprint, fmtinstall, strconv, Strconv, numbconv, fltconv, doprint - print formatted output
qsort - quicker sort
rand, lrand, frand, nrand, lnrand, srand - random number generator
read, readn, write - read or write file
regcomp, regcomplit, regcompnl, regexec, regsub, rregexec, rregsub, regerror - regular expression
remove - remove a file
rendezvous - user level process synchronization
RGB, rgbpix, rdcolmap, wrcolmap - handle color screens
runetochar, chartorune, runelen, fullrune, utflen, utfrune, utfrrune, utfutf - rune/UTF conversion
seek - change file offset
segattach, segdetach, segfree - map/unmap a segment in virtual memory
segbrk - change memory allocation
segflush - flush instruction and data caches
setjmp, longjmp, notejmp - non-local goto
sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, atan2 - trigonometric functions
sinh, cosh, tanh - hyperbolic functions
sleep, alarm - delay, ask for delayed note
stat, fstat, wstat, fwstat, dirstat, dirfstat, dirwstat, dirfwstat - get and put file status
strcat, strncat, strcmp, strncmp, strcpy, strncpy, strlen, strchr, strrchr, strpbrk, strspn, strcspn, strtok, strdup, strstr - string operations
subfalloc, subffree, rdsubfontfile, wrsubfontfile, mkfont - subfont manipulation
fileline, fnbound - symbol table access functions getauto, findsym, localsym, globalsym, textsym, file2pc, fileelem, filesym, syminit, getsym, symbase, pc2sp, pc2line, textseg, line2addr, lookup, findlocal,
time - time in seconds since epoch
tmpfile, tmpnam - Stdio temporary files
wait - wait for a process to exit

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