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Plan 9 Manual Section 8

intro - introduction to system administration
changeuser, wrkey, convkeys, printnetkey, status, auth.srv, guard.srv - maintain authentication databases
b.com - PC bootstrap program
boot - connect to the root file server
booting - bootstrapping procedures
bootp, rarpd, tftpd - Internet booting
btrace - trace bitblt protocol
cpurc, termrc - boot script
cron - clock daemon
dkconfig - configure Datakit interface
fs, exsort - file server maintenance
fsconfig - configuring a file server
home, 40meg, 80meg, personalize, update, Disclabel - administration for local file systems
httpd, echo - HTTP server
init - initialize machine upon booting
ipconfig, arpd, rip - Internet configuration and routing
kfscmd, ksync - kfs administration
listen, dkcpu, dkcpunote, dkdiscard, dkecho, dkexportfs, dkrexexec, dkticket, dkwhoami, dksmtp, dkdcon, dklogin, dkguard, il7, il9, il565, il566, il17005, il17006, il17007, il17009, tcp2, tcp7, tcp9, tcp21, tcp23, tcp80, tcp25, tcp513, tcp515, tcp564, tcp565, tcp566, tcp17007, tcp6000 - listen for calls on a network device
lp - PostScript preprocessors
mkfs, mkext - archive or update a file system
aux/mouse - configure a mouse to a port
query, mkhash, mkdb, cs, csquery, dns, dnsquery - network database
newuser - adding a new user
nfsserver, portmapper, pcnfsd, 9auth - NFS service
aux/pcmcia - identify a PCMCIA card
pip - CD-ROM workbench
plan9.ini - configuration file for PC's
prep, format - prepare hard and floppy diskettes
qer, runq - queues management for spooled files
scuzz - SCSI target control
securenet - Digital Pathways SecureNet Key remote authentication box
snoopy - spy on Ethernet packets
swap - establish a swap file
sysmon, stats - display graphs of system activity
vga - configure a VGA card

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