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Plan 9 Manual Section 1

intro - introduction to Plan 9
2a, 6a, 8a, ka, va, xa - assemblers
2c, 6c, 8c, kc, vc, xc - C compilers
2l, 6l, 8l, kl, vl, xl - loaders
8½, label, window, wloc - window system
acid - debugger
acme, win, awd - interactive text windows
8al, kal, val - ALEF compilers
ar - archive and library maintainer
art, art2pic - edit line-art
ascii, unicode - interpret ASCII, Unicode characters
awk - pattern-directed scanning and processing language
basename - strip file name affixes
bc - arbitrary-precision arithmetic language
bind, mount, unmount - change name space
bundle - collect files for distribution
c++/2c, c++/kc, c++/vc, c++/8c, c++/2l, c++/kl, c++/vl, c++/8l - C++ compilers and loaders
cal - print calendar
calendar - print upcoming events
cat, read - catenate files
char, ½char, rschar - browse the Unicode Standard
chgrp - change file group
chmod - change mode
cmp - compare two files
comm - select or reject lines common to two sorted files
con, telnet, cu, rx, xms, xmr - remote login, execution, and XMODEM file transfer
cp, mv - copy, move files
cpp - C language preprocessor
cpu - connection to cpu server
date - print the date
db - debugger
dc - desk calculator
dd - convert and copy a file
deroff, delatex - remove formatting requests
diff - differential file comparator
doctype - intuit command line for formatting a document
du - disk usage
echo - print arguments
ed - text editor
emacs - editor macros
eqn - typeset mathematics
factor, primes - factor a number, generate large primes
file - determine file type
fmt - ultra-simple text formatter .SM ISDN
fone - control telephone
fortune - sample lines from a file
freq - print histogram of character frequencies
4s, 5s, ana, mandel, plumb, smiley, life, fsim, clock, catclock, fireworks, swar, festoon - time wasters
grap - pic preprocessor for drawing graphs
graph - draw a graph
grep - search a file for a pattern
gs - Aladdin Ghostscript (PostScript) interpreter
hoc - interactive floating point language
hp - emulate an HP 2621 terminal
join - relational database operator
kill, broke - print commands to kill processes
ktrans - language transliterator
lex - generator of lexical analysis programs
look - find lines in a sorted list
lp - printer output
ls, lc - list contents of directory
mail, edmail, sendmail, seemail, aliasmail, smtp, smtpd, to, vwhois, vismon - mail commands
man, lookman - print or find pages of this manual
mc - multicolumn print
mk, membername - maintain (make) related files
mkdir - make a directory
mothra - retrieve World-Wide Web files
netstat - summarize network connections
news - print news items
nm - name list (symbol table)
p - paginate
page - view FAX, bitmap, and PostScript files
passwd, netkey - change user password
pcc - APE C compiler driver
pic, tpic - troff and tex preprocessors for drawing pictures
plot - graphics filter
pppclient, pppserver - point to point protocol
pr - print file
prof, kprof - display profiling data
proof - troff output interpreter
ps, psu - process status
pwd, pbd - working directory
rc, cd, eval, exec, exit, flag, rfork, shift, wait, whatis, ., ~ - command language
rm - remove files
sam, B, sam.save - screen editor with structural regular expressions
sed - stream editor
seq - print sequences of numbers
size - print size of executable files
sleep - suspend execution for an interval
sort - sort and/or merge files
spell, sprog - find spelling errors
spin - verification tool for concurrent systems
split - split a file into pieces
stop, start - print commands to stop and start processes
strings - extract printable strings
strip - remove symbols from binary files
sum, md5sum - sum and count blocks in a file
syscall - test a system call
tail - deliver the last part of a file
32vfs, cpiofs, tapfs, tarfs, tpfs, v6fs, v10fs - mount archival file systems
tar - archiver
tbl - format tables for nroff or troff
tcs - translate character sets
tee - pipe fitting
tel, iwhois - look in phone book
test - set status according to condition
tex, latex, bibtex, dvips, dviselect, mf - text formatting and typesetting
time - time a command
touch - set modification date of a file
tr - translate characters
troff, nroff - text formatting and typesetting
tweak - edit bitmap files, subfont files, face files, etc.
twig - tree-manipulation language
uniq - report repeated lines in a file
units - conversion program
vi, ki, xi - instruction simulators
wc - word count
who, whois - who is using the machine
xd - hex, octal, decimal, or ASCII dump
yacc - yet another compiler-compiler
yesterday - print file names from the dump

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