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Plan 9 Distribution Errata List

Plan 9: The Diskettes

Installation from diskettes works correctly only on systems with a single DOS partition; any other partitions on the disc will be overwritten and the contents lost. A replacement set of diskettes is available for pick-up via ftp. See /plan9/pcdist/README for more information.

Plan 9 - The Manuals: Volume 1

There are a number of small changes to man pages, many already made to the printed manual. See the diff file /plan9/errata/vol1.diff.

No man pages exist for icmp, ping, mnihongo.

Plan 9 - The Documents: Volume 2

There are a few small changes to the documents. See the diff file /plan9/errata/vol2.diff.

Plan 9 CD: The Sources

The directory /plan9/update contains updates to the files contained on the Plan 9 distribution CD. The updates are in the form of self-extracting bundles of diffs with respect to the distribution source. The updates are described in /plan9/update/CHANGES.


Diskette copies
The copies of the diskettes on the CD-ROM differ from the diskettes themselves. The only difference is a print statement in the kernel.
The port for the ticket service is missing. This will keep authentication from working if you install from the CD. Add the line:
il=ticket port=566
It is correct on the diskettes.
The binary used in the two-stage boot of an SGI Power Series machine, 9powerboot, requires a Cyclone device. To boot without a Cyclone, specify the argument il.
The Unix utility - u9fs
If u9fs is not serving from the Unix root directory, that is, if Plan 9 is to see files only below a private root, mkdir /etc in that directory and copy in passwd, group, hosts, and hosts.equiv.
lsi.10, lsi.12 have bugs
missing directory on CD-ROM
/usr/none left off CD-ROM; log in as tor instead.
The file /sys/lib/man/lookman/index incorrectly contains references to sections 10 and 1pub which are not part of the distribution. They should be edited out or lookman(1) will return some unresolvable references.