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Humour from Plan 9 Space

Glenda has a sense of humour.

We’re a class of legendary OS heroes, who fight frenzied by intoxicating liquors, and naked, regardless of the fact that Plan 9 is dead.

A Professor of Computer Science gave a paper on how he uses Linux to teach his undergraduates about operating systems. Someone in the audience asked ‘why use Linux rather than Plan 9?’ and the professor answered: ‘Plan 9 looks like it was written by experts; Linux looks like something my students could aspire to write’.

Well, philosophy and plan 9 have something in common…they are both dead. – vt3

9fans is like war poetry from the trenches of world war 1 – maht

> "The resonable man adapts himself to the world; the unresonable on persists
> in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on
> the unreasonable man." --George Bernard Shaw

I'm a plan9 user, you can't get more unreasonable than that.

    -- DrSkwid (AKA maht)

For the sinner deserves not life but death, according to the disk devices. For example, start with Plan 9, which is free of sin, the case is different from His perspective.Mark V. Shaney

I’ve had people ask how I learned about [Plan 9], and I tell them the truth: I googled “most obscure os.” – Robdgreat in #plan9chan

Ari Pollak’s DPL 2006 Electoral Platform

Lastly, I’d like to introduce a new Debian GNU/Plan 9 port, code-named Snakes on a Plan 9. Here’s some advertising material to go along with the new port:

The Debian GNU/Plan 9 port, code-named Snakes on a Plan 9

Extract from the alt.sysadmin.recovery (aka Scary Devil Monastery) FAQ:

3.3) Just HOW MUCH does this system suck?

The ASR standard unit of suckiness is the Lovelace (Ll). This is defined as: One Lovelace is the amount of force (measured in dynes) it takes to draw a round ball weighing e Troy Ounces down a tube it fits exactly (in air) at a speed of pi attoparsecs/microfortnight. Like Farads, this is a rather large measurement.

Thus, Plan 9 sucks a few mLl, for instance, while your average Microsoft product achieves many Ll.