Plan 9 Manual Section 4

intro - introduction to file servers
- window system files
acme - control files for text windows
consolefs, C - file system for console access
dossrv, 9660srv, a:, b:, c:, eject - DOS and ISO9660 file systems
exportfs, srvfs - network file server plumbing
fs - file server, dump
ftpfs - file transfer protocol (FTP) file system
import - import a name space from a remote system
iostats - file system to measure I/O
keyfs, warning - authentication database files
kfs - disk file system
namespace - structure of conventional file name space
ramfs - memory file system
srv, 9fs, dk232, dkmodem - start network file service
telco, faxreceive, faxsend, fax, telcofax, telcodata - telephone dialer network
u9fs - serve 9P from Unix

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