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Plan 9 Manual Section 9

intro - introduction to raster image software
9v, save, flip - copy picture files to and from screen
aplot - isometric plots of data arrays
add3, sub3, div3, mul3, eqpt3, closept3, dot3, cross3, len3, dist3, unit3, midpt3, lerp3, reflect3, nearseg3, pldist3, vdiv3, vrem3, pn2f3, ppp2f3, fff2p3, pdiv4, add4, sub4 - operations on 3-d points and planes
bbox - compute bounding rectangle
card, ramp - create simple color fields
cmap - color map format
cpr, cprview - cheesy polygon renderer and viewer
cvt2pic, dumppic, ega2pic, face2pic, gif2pic, jpg2pic, nasa2pic, pcx2pic, picopic, sgi2pic, targa2pic, tiff2pic, utah2pic, xbm2pic - convert other formats to picture files
adapt, ahe, crispen, laplace, edge, edge2, edge3, extremum, median, nonoise, smooth, shadepic - image neighborhood operators
floyd, halftone, hysteresis - create 1-bit images by dithering
getcmap - read a color map from a file
getflags, usage - process flag arguments in argv
getmap, colors - manipulate the display's color map
he - histogram equalization
hed, nohed - edit or remove picture file header
hist - pixel value histogram
lam, posit, piccat, picjoin - combine several images
lerp, sub - linear combinations of images
logo - convert image into an AT&T logo
lum - compute luminance
ident, matmul, matmulr, determinant, adjoint, invertmat, xformpoint, xformpointd, xformplane, pushmat, popmat, rot, qrot, scale, move, xform, ixform, persp, look, viewport - Geometric transformations
moto - create animation scripts
mugs - make face icons from pictures
pcp - copy pictures
pic2ps, pic2gif - convert picture files to other formats
picfile - raster graphic image format
picinfo - print information about picture files
picopen_r, picopen_w, picread, picwrite, picclose, rdpicfile, wrpicfile, picputprop, picgetprop, picunpack, picpack - picture file I/O
qball - 3-d rotation controller
3to1, mcut, improve, quantize, dither - picture color compression
qtom, mtoq, qadd, qsub, qneg, qmul, qdiv, qunit, qinv, qlen, slerp, qmid, qsqrt - Quaternion arithmetic
cmap, remap - map colors
resample, pdup - resample a picture
rotate, transpose - re-orient an image
xpand, picnegate - adjust dynamic range

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