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Plan 9 Distribution


The Plan 9 distribution consists of two books, four 1.4 megabyte floppies, and a CD-ROM. The books contain the manual pages and a collection of papers describing the system. Click on the cover art to delve into the contents.

The four floppies contain a complete bootable Plan 9 system for IBM-compatible PCs (>=386). They have the kernel, the window system, Internet support, and programming environments for both the C and Alef languages. The CD-ROM contains everything: kernels, libraries, and utilities for the Intel 386 (including 486 and Pentium), Sparc, 68020, and Mips architectures and the sources to create them. It also has a selection of interesting stuff (road maps of the US, sky catalogs). Click on the CD-ROM art for a list of files on the CD-ROM; it's big.

To find out whether Plan 9 supports your hardware, read The Various Ports.

To Order

The distribution is published by Harcourt Brace and Company. To order it from the US call

800 782 4479
From Canada and the Caribbean, call

800 841 9938
Elsewhere, use

+1 407 345 3800
The cost for the full kit is US$350 plus shipping; the ISBN is 0-03-017143-1. The manuals can be ordered by themselves for US$125 plus shipping; ISBN is 0-03-017142-3. Everyone, even AT&T employees, must order the system this way. There are no special arrangements or deals.

Read the shrinkwrap license to determine whether its terms are acceptable to you. The major restriction is that you can't sell products or services based on the supplied software. However, AT&T Software Solutions Group will negotiate commercial licenses (telephone 800 462 8146 or 1 415 943 4076).

Free Trial

Plan 9 does not purport to run on all PCs. Since Plan 9 does not use the BIOS, it is sensitive to hardware differences between PCs. Therefore, we will provide the contents of the four floppies on the Internet via FTP for you to try out. Ftp to plan9.att.com, log in as anonymous, and get the files from /plan9/pcdist.

The document Installing the Plan 9 Distribution explains how to get going.


Click here for problems and fixes found since the distribution was frozen. Look here before installing.

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