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Re: Inferno marketing vs. Java marketing

Java and Mr Bill

Gates is playing with Sun just like he's played with others in the past

McNeally and Co may be technically superior to Gates and Co but its like
they are small iron foundries trying to deal wit Andrew Carnegie in the
business area they don't stand a chance

If Redmond finds anything of true profit potential in any of the Java stuff
it will be assimilated into Windows 99 or what ever

The biggest mistake Sun ever made was giving the kind of open ended licence
they gave to Mr Bill for the development of Java versions 

Inferno now has a tremendous opportunity to benefit from the anti-gates
sentiments among many software developers and entrepreneurrial types

ted kochanski

ps the above sentiments don't refelect any personal feelings for or against
a certain William Gates of Washington State

At 08:34 PM 1/27/97 GMT, you wrote:
>Forsyth wrote
>>i'm also curious where the estimate of 200,000 Java programmers
>>originally came from; i see that estimate quoted everywhere now.
>Page 40 of byte has an interview with Scott McNeally, he quotes this figure;
>no rats to smell there then!
>>by the way, i was reading recently elsewhere
>>that what Microsoft previously called the
>>`J32 Java Virtual Machine' will now (apparently) be called the
>>`Microsoft Virtual Machine'.  ho ho ho.
>I believe the same article describes this name change. JavaSoft will soon be
>scampering after Microsoft asking for their ball back.  
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