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Re: Inferno marketing vs. Java marketing -Reply

> >>> Anssi Porttikivi <porttikivi@dlc.fi> 01/27/97 05:50pm >>>
> >[...]
> >I am personally convinced that Inferno + Tk etc... + Limbo are much better
> >technology than JavaVM + Sun class libraries + language.
> >[...]
> >
> >I think there are two ways to prove this to the world: you can either get
> >>the message through by marketing and open communications, explaining it to
> >everybody. But a better way is to release a few practical, ground breaking
> >mass market applications and give them away for free. After all, people
> >take an actual working program as an argument over hype anyday.


   My opinion is that inferno will be succesful if and only if it
provides an awesome (and free) Web browser with a large set of colorful
(possibly useless) applets. The success of Java was initially due to
the existence of HotJava (even if we don't see many HotJava today).
This Web browser will be the hook to catch the herds of new Internet
users that are now deciding the successfulness of new products.



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