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inferno@interstice.com and inferno@artnet.com.br list archives

Here are the archives of what to the best of my knowledge was the first Inferno mailing list. At some point the list moved from interstice.com to artnet.com.br, but unfortunately I have no information about when did this happen or why.

Dates also seem to be lost, so it is hard to tell during what time period this list(s) were active, I suspect that it was around 1995-1996.

It might be a good idea to create an index of posts by author, it would be more convenient to easily locate posts by Rob Pike, Phil Winterbottom, Eric Grosse and other Inferno developers.

Please, if you have a copy of this archives in mbox format, or some other mail format, I would love to get a copy to generate more useful and complete archives.