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Re: Inferno marketing vs. Java marketing -Reply

>I feel, in a lot of ways, that Lucent is
>Inferno as something somewhere between an R&D effort and a product.
>Kaleida's biggest mistake was that neither they, nor any third party
>way too late, created an authoring environment/RAD tool.
>A roadmap, examples of why Inferno is better than anything else,
>why using Inferno is a lower risk proposition than (fill in the
>and some visually satisfying apps will do a lot more to win converts
>mindshare than any technology ever will.
I rarely respond to these postings but i am compelled to do so now.

first, inferno is obviously both R&D and product; however, it is
now much closer to product and getting closer each day.  second, our
resources are limited, but we are doing all that you say...creating
tools, developing a roadmap, a value proposition and applications.  We
now have an entire group deicated to nothing but tools and apps.  the
apps, however, are geared toward current commercial opportunities.

remember, java has scores of people developing apps, albeit
mostly trivial apps.  we have our team and a couple of you.  i
challenge all of you; help us be successful.  write creative apps that
we can point to.  push inferno as a solution in your companies.  i am
always available to meet with potential business partners, call me on
it.  if we are to publicize inferno and shout from the mountain that
it is all we think it is, we need examples of people using inferno.
this is my mission; i ask for your help.

Sam Paone
Inferno Business Development