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some dumb questions

Pardon me but I just got my NT/Inferno system up.
I looked in the manual (well, not all of it) and at the FAQ link off the
Inferno home page (IAQ would be more apt (I for infrequently)).

1. About the TK interface: what TK 4.0 document does Limbo not do all of?

2. Is there a better limbo editor than Notepad? It is particularly painful
to have the compiler tag errors to line numbers and habe an editor that
won't show or goto line numbers.

3. By scrambling parts of ls.b, grep.b and du.b I have done a brain-damaged
subset of the find command. It works like this:

  find [-l] path re-pattern

   find / '\.b$'  # find limbo source files and print their path names

The -l option is like in "ls -l".
If anyone wants it I will post.

I am also working on Notebook.

Dick Haight