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Apple Hancock and the Unknown OS

>From <http://www.news.com/News/Item/0,4,5552.html>
>On the other hand, Hancock moved to shift attention
>away from a rumored merger with Be. "Be is just one
>of the options we're considering," [Apple Executive Vice President] 
>Hancock said, "Not everyone we're talking to is talking to you".

Probably this former IBMer is just lamely pointing to Microsoft NT or 
(ouch!) IBM. But she and the REAL Apple gurus just might be willing to 
listen to names like Richie, Pike and Kernighan... 

Although the simple executive logic of course goes like this: "The money 
goes where the best collective opinion of the industry decide, so I will 
follow the money, not my own brains (or any other individuals), which I 
know are not so good. (Otherwise I would be burning myself out as a coder 
or a weirdo scientist with an oversize ego and no obligation to care 
about the real world.)"

Unfortunately trade press publicity is often equalled to "money", an 
equation which certainly does not hold if you look at the recent or not 
so recent trade history.