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Re: some dumb questions

> 1. About the TK interface: what TK 4.0 document does Limbo not do all of?

> 2. Is there a better limbo editor than Notepad? 
Yes, but it won't be available until the next build gets out, which is currently
suspended while the crowd packaging it attends Comdex.  The editor is called
Brutus, and it's intended to become the main editor for the system.  It handles
fonts - it's being used to write the Inferno programming book - and can generate
HTML, tex, etc. as well as plain text, but has a WYSIKWYG (what you see is kinda
what you get) interface.  People familiar with Sam and Acme will recognize much
of what's going on, but there's lots of new stuff too, as well as a novel
to integration with the rest of the system.  The next release will contain
an early
version of the program; subsequent releases will polish and complete it as I
time to fill in the gaps.

> 3. By scrambling parts of ls.b, grep.b and du.b I have done a brain-damaged
> subset of the find command. It works like this:
>   find [-l] path re-pattern
The old ones are best.  You can't teach an old dog new tricks.  etc. etc.

> I am also working on Notebook.
See the above.  By all means, hack away, but a more compelling editor
will soon be available.