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Re: Lucent Technologies & Sun Microsystems

>From: "Kirill V. Kouzmitchev" <kvk@ludd.hr.lucent.com>
>I find it, that there are usually two kinds of people who are utterly
>anti-something. People who have their own strong beliefs and people
>who strongly believe in people who have their own strong beliefs.
You strongly believe in this, true?

>... I asked why OO ideas did not make their way into Inferno.
ADT's aren't objects, are they?

> The guy said that Rob Pike didn't like OO for certain technical reasons.
I guess that he likes PO (Programming-Oriented) approach instead.

> :) Any nonflammable comments are also welcome.
Come here, the crocodile said - I'll give you very nonflammable comments.

Alexander Kopilovitch                           aek@vib.usr.pu.ru