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Re: Lucent Technologies & Sun Microsystems

>From: skg@sadr.com
>Java really does appear to be "Limbo++" (i.e. Limbo with objects,
>not "one more than Limbo") to me..  And that's where the comparison
>can be best made.
>I just don't see a "NetBasic" comparison by any definition of Basic
>I've ever encountered..

Basic is widely used language which lacks pointers.

>So why is everyone so utterly anti-Java?

If you think that considering Java as NetBasic is about to say that Java is
poor or weak or otherwise bad and useless language - then you are wrong.
Basic was very useful language which gave to many people an opportunity
of using computer at the level above of text editor or simple spreadsheet.
And now, several years Visual Basic plays similar role giving to many people
an opportunity to work with objects.

Alexander Kopilovitch                      aek@vib.usr.pu.ru