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Re: Lucent Technologies & Sun Microsystems

On Wed, 9 Apr 1997, Kirill V. Kouzmitchev wrote:

> We had a short seminar on Inferno/Dis/Limbo here and I asked why OO
> ideas did not make their way into Inferno. The guy said that Rob Pike
> didn't like OO for certain technical reasons. I was even promised some
> references, but never received them. :( If anybody on this list knows

I've read somewhere sometime ago an interview with Donald Knuth; when he 
was asked what he thinks of OOP, he said something along the lines: if 
people are happy and they feel productive with OOP then that is good. But 
OOP is not new, people in OOP view everything as an object in the real 
world, and that is actually what I do when I program except that the 
language I use doesn't support OOP directly.

So, as it has been stated in many places, you can simulate/model OOP without 
having an OOP language. I guess there is some overhead cost involved when 
using OOP; however, people who use C++ as OOP seem to be happy?

As for me....I like the Java Object Model quite a lot, even though 
programs in Java look quite long, I still like the notation. I wish the 
designers of Limbo used an easier notation than "->" for example. I 
believe that simpler notations make the language easier to learn and use.

Anyway, I'd be interested too in getting any technical docs why Pike doesn't 
like OOP.

Qusay H. Mahmoud