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Re: Inferno marketing vs. Java marketing

> Microsoft is fighting the last war

This is a common assertion, but beyond sounding catchy when delivered by
McNealy and Ellison, it has little merit.   It presumes that one can just
ignore what's going on in the mass market under the mistaken impression
that other markets can ignore it.  

> Microsoft is very weak when it comes to connecting to the real world

Really?  In what way?  You mean that NT and 95 aren't good clients?  You
mean that the best browsers come out for other platforms first?  

> all of MS's attempts to deal with real-world real-time issues such as
> pre-emptive multitasking and predictable I/O interrupt service that will 

There are lots of opportunities for real time already.  Is Inferno really
interested in competing with QNX?  

> However, we once again are faced with the issue of defining what
> a PC platform for the native Inferno to run on

On the Lucent home pages, we see the following devices associated with


Who buys these?