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Re: Inferno marketing vs. Java marketing

Microsoft is fighting the last war
They've got a very good maginot Line

but --- Inferno like the Vermacht can do an end-around

Microsoft is very weak when it comes to connecting to the real world

all of MS nonsense is still philosphiclly DOS at the core a fine way to make
a 1 MIP machine with limited I/o do spreadsheets and word processing

all of MS's attempts to deal with real-world real-time issues such as real
pre-emptive multitasking and predictable I/O interrupt service that will be
the backbone of real-world network multimedia -- are doomed by the
Philosphical problems of Wintel -- with Win 95 just hiding the DOS and Win
NT4.0 somewhat isolated

In addition, Win has gotten grossly top heavy with Bob like help and otehr
non-essentials for true multimedia interactivity

Win CE is supposed to undue some of this but its inherently a kluge

Inferno can provide a route to the promissed land by using its inherently
well understood real-world multimedia capability combined with a clean PC
hardware platform

However, we once again are faced with the issue of defining what constitutes
a PC platform for the native Inferno to run on

ted kochanski

At 06:07 PM 1/28/97 -0500, you wrote:
>> The biggest mistake Sun ever made was giving the kind of open ended
>> they gave to Mr Bill for the development of Java versions 
>And their altenative was... ?  
>Let Netscape do it?  
>(Look at how well NS has treated Java.)
>> Inferno now has a tremendous opportunity to benefit from the anti-gates
>> sentiments among many software developers and entrepreneurrial types
>Anyone in this business who gets their undies in a bind over Bill Gates or
>Microsoft has *already* lost the war.  Gates is all business -- he doesn't
>try and play villian, and he doesn't try to play (hypocritical) savior
>(Hello, Mr. Ellison!) or visionary.  
>Just business. 
>>From a business point of view, a lot of people are overlooking the obvious
>in this thread and focusing on the hype and the technology.  
>Forget portability.  Forget the VM.  Forgetting all of that, Java is,
>simply put, a much better language than either C or C++.  Programmers are
>more productive in Java than in C/C++.  We're finally seeing decent
>compilation speeds without semi-broken incremental tricks.  The sharpest
>programmers I've ever encountered, with huge amounts of C++ experience,
>feel similarly.  
>Business:  What's being overlooked is that if Java becomes an acceptable
>language (in terms of performance and UI appearance) for Windows
>development, portability-schmortability, it's golden, because millions of
>dollars of Windows only development is *already* a reality and anything
>that gives ISVs an edge in programmer productivity and reduced bugs on ship
>is something that will be investigated and adopted.  
>They see it this way: "since many of our programmers never learned to play
>nice with pointers, lets take that toy *away*." 
>For Inferno to succeed it has to have a solid, solid niche.  Sun-Java is
>floundering around trying to use the internet for this purpose (while
>anyone sensible turns off all that Java and activeX nonsense).  MS-Java is
>aimed at Windows development (with the portability angle being focused on
>porting from one Windows platform to another).  
>Which is a more sensible market?  
>Which is a better strategy to emulate?
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