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Re: Inferno marketing vs. Java marketing -Reply

Mr. Matthew May has the bottom-line on this discussion:

> Re: do something useful with inferno, make one of the WebTV set-top boxes
do something useful. <

I have just joined this discussion, but my overview, thus far, is that the
Inferno community seems to be suffering needlessly from an identity crisis.
      IF   you read brother BILL's last book, you know that Mr. Gates is
(read his lips) preaching the gospel of a global INTERACTIVE network.  One
which will require lots more bandwidth, BUT MOST CERTAINLY - some new
technology which will allow some really low-power and UNEXPECTED devices to
plug in.   He does NOT possess that technology.  Perhaps he WILL succeed in
stealing Sun's java thunder. 
         However,   IF   Inferno meets expectations, bright hard-working
developers will use inferno/limbo to develop applications to run on PDA's,
set-top boxes, etc., which will bring Lucent's new children to the front of
the fray.  I see Inferno's small footprint and Limbo's C like syntax and
structure as being the FIRST desirable attributes to developers - and
secondly,  Inferno's VM - platform independence , as providing the tools
necessary for DEVELOPERS to bring additional devices to the global network
which will help it be more affordable and accessible to millions of more
users.  Lucent is providing tools which appear to offer benefits to
developers which are SO powerful that perhaps some small, independent
developers will do something really creative and become the NEXT Microsoft.
          IF   Inferno helps to make the global interactive-network more of a
reality, Lucent will have made a tremendous contribution - AND I believe that
the Lucent people are already quite well prepared to turn that technology
sucess into the commercial success they will indeed deserve.

George R. Clark