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Re: Inferno marketing vs. Java marketing

I hear you! Obviously there are lots of plans for Inferno and many of
them we will not be free to talk about. I'm just an Inferno user, so I
don't know their plans either, but I do get the slight advantage of
interacting with them on occassion. My impression is if Phil says
something its probably going to happen.

 I really liked your "public styx server" idea though, cause this could
happen and be boon to inferno.

 I really don't get the non-internet, non-web, non-PC message at all.
Inferno plays to the internet, web and PC as far as I can see, although
I'm not sure I wouldn't use Unix boxes for servers most of the time.

The QOS issues are important ones, I will try to remember to push them

Remember Inferno is a Network Operating System, so it brings some nice
namespace and connection abstractions to the table. How it gets used is
up to us users. The real power is the ability to build applications
which run spread out on the network -- most of this is only meaningful
to thin clients like Set Top Boxes. Lots of the things you are looking
for will show up I am sure.

Ian Bruce
(630) 713-7387