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Re: Inferno marketing vs. Java marketing

the Byte issue was interesting.

the cover asks ``can Java replace Windows?''.

the big `Java is portable' article
includes a large inset box showing how each system
gives different results on the same program.

the smaller `Java is secure' article includes a half-page
box at the bottom explaining how insecure it is,
and how the security model will be redone in a later release.
i think the phrase was `completely redone', but i can't check
against the article until i get home.  even that box is wrong
as regards the degree of security provided by the JVM
instruction design; i'll go into detail later.

i'm also curious where the estimate of 200,000 Java programmers
originally came from; i see that estimate quoted everywhere now.

by the way, i was reading recently elsewhere
that what Microsoft previously called the
`J32 Java Virtual Machine' will now (apparently) be called the
`Microsoft Virtual Machine'.  ho ho ho.