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A short readme I wrote for local use

If you put the Inferno archives on some local disk for sharing, you need a 
Here is one I wrote for us:

Inferno beta 0.2 for NT 3.51, Win95 or better

For Unix binaries and more info, see <http://inferno.lucent.com/>. Requires
16 Mb RAM and 60 Mb of temporary and 22 Mb of permanent disk space.

1. To install, copy "inferno.exe" to a temporary directory and
   run it to decompress.
2. Before you run "setup.exe", be sure you have NT administrator
   rights to your own machine (you can e.g. log to a PC-XVIRTANE
   domain, where PC-XVIRTANE is your MS machine name).
3. After running setup and before starting Inferno,
   add the Inferno Intel binaries directory
   "\users\Inferno\Nt\386\bin" to your PATH in your

After starting Inferno console, try "wm/logon" and log in as
"inferno" or try "mux/mux" and navigate with arrows, Enter and Space.
Both will start as icons. Don't run both, they
share the same display memory! To exit, close all windows.
To run in a larger display,  start Inferno with e.g.
"emu -g1000x1000". A sketch of contents of the package:

Kb   Directory or file
 --   -----------------
962  //Nt/386/bin/emu.exe          Dis Interpreter
232  //Nt/386/bin/limbo.exe   Limbo-to-Dis compiler
108  //Nt/386/bin/webget.exe  HTTP backend

Limbo source code:
144  //appl/mux               Interactive TV simulator
28   //appl/wm/deb.b          A visual debugger
6    //appl/wm/edit.b         Notepad
70   //appl/wm/guido.b        Web browser front end
15   //appl/wm/readmail.b     
12   //appl/wm/sendmail.b
10   //appl/wm/wm.b      Window manager

Pseudocode (see sources above):
101  //dis/mux
23   //dis/wm/deb.dis
6    //dis/wm/edit.dis
43   //dis/wm/guido.dis
11   //dis/wm/readmail.dis
10   //dis/wm/sendmail.dis
8    //dis/wm/wm.dis

Other resources:
8685 //fonts
691  //icons
386  //man          HTML manual pages, read from Windows with e.g. Netscape.

Services for the TV simulator:
2991 //movies       A textual movie description database for the TV 
1154 //services/comics   Comics images
252  //services/news
1438 //services/pizza
2265 //services/tvlist

Sum is 22 Mb.

Anssi Porttikivi
your local Inferno dealer