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Re: Award announcement

>>>dmr@plan9.bell-labs.com said:
 > The Ad-hoc Committee of Appreciation is pleased to announce
 > that the winner of the prestigious but never-previously-publicized
 > 	Early Inferno Enthusiast and Contributor Award
 > is
 > 	Berry Kercheval of Xerox PARC

I'd like to thank the Comittee for this signal honor, and am pleased to accept 
this award.  Despite advice from friends to "lasciate ogni speranzi" I forged 
ahead to make sense of this new system, but my trivial contribution would of 
course have been impossible without the hard work and dedication of the entire 
Inferno in building such a nice system.


Berry Kercheval :: kerch@parc.xerox.com :: Xerox Palo Alto Research Center