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Award announcement

The Ad-hoc Committee of Appreciation is pleased to announce
that the winner of the prestigious but never-previously-publicized

	Early Inferno Enthusiast and Contributor Award

	Berry Kercheval of Xerox PARC

The citation:

	For trying the sub-beta Inferno distribution earlier than anyone nearby,
	For writing a useful application in Limbo earlier than anyone nearby,
	For including an apposite quotation from Dante in its comments,
	Mr. Kercheval receives this award.

The award consists of a copy of the Pinsky translation of the Inferno of Dante.
Since the award winner cannot come to a physical podium to receive it,
he is invited to supply an address acceptable to UPS/FedEx/USPO.

Future such prizes will be awarded at whim.  Inclusion of quotations
from the comedy is purely voluntary.