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TTYS(V)                      2/11/75                      TTYS(V)

     ttys - typewriter initialization data

     The  ttys  file  is  read  by the init program and specifies
     which typewriter special files are to have a process created
     for  them which will allow people to log in.  It consists of
     lines of 3 characters each.

     The first character is either `0' or `1'; the former  causes
     the  line  to  be ignored, the latter causes it to be effec-
     tive.  The second character is the  last  character  in  the
     name of a typewriter; e.g. x refers to the file `/dev/ttyx'.
     The third character is used as an argument to the getty pro-
     gram,  which  performs  such tasks as baud-rate recognition,
     reading the login  name,  and  calling  login.   For  normal
     lines,  the  character is `0'; other characters can be used,
     for example, with hard-wired terminals where speed  recogni-
     tion  is  unnecessary or which have special characteristics.
     (Getty will have to be fixed in such cases.)


     init(VIII), getty(VIII), login(I)

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