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MTAB(V)                       1/6/74                      MTAB(V)

     mtab - mounted file system table

     Mtab  resides  in directory /etc and contains a table of de-
     vices mounted by the mount command.  Umount removes entries.

     Each  entry  is  64  bytes  long; the first 32 are the null-
     padded name of the place where the special file is  mounted;
     the  second 32 are the null-padded name of the special file.
     The special file has all its directories stripped away; that
     is, everything through the last ``/'' is thrown away.

     This  table  is  present  only so people can look at it.  It
     does not matter to mount if there are duplicated entries nor
     to umount if a name cannot be found.


     mount(VIII), umount(VIII)


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