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Re: Lucent Technologies & Sun Microsystems

> NO,
>I think
>the market will love NC -- it is definitely not time-sharing (which by
>the way
>was very successful for a time) in the same sense. Of course, its not
>either. Notice that they cracked some encryption scheme a few months
>back using
>all the processors on the campus as a network computer.
Note -- Networking Computers has little to do with Network Computers -- the
former is a voluntary interconnection to solve a problem much like a
democratic form of government -- the latter is forcing interconnections for
every function much like solcialism or communism

I had the pleasure of operating with some "Network Computers" a decade or so ago
what we were doing didn't allow the use of hard disks in peoples offices so
we had hard diskles Vaxstations coupled via ethernet to a bigish VAX

All went well until I decided to leave my VAXstation on so that I didn't
have to wait for the bootup each morning -- everything I was doing was in
RAM or on paging files on the big VAX -- my powersupply smoked and I had to
shut down (to make a long and painful story short) the backup on the big VAX
was uinreliable (an intermittant connector on the tape drive) and when I
turned back on I'd eliminated a months work of code, analysis, phone calls, etc

No thanks -- I'd just as soon be responsible for my own back-ups and all the
I'll tie up from time to time to do something I can't do by my self, but on
my terms -- I think you'll find this to be the overwellmingly common
response of anyone who ever had to depend on a mainframe, diskless nodes or
what have you and then "!!!! saw the light of autonomy offered by the PC,
MAC, Unix workstation etc")

Again No thanks for the NC I'll keep my own

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