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Re: Lucent Technologies & Sun Microsystems

> Well, it's not inconceivable that an NC system (at least running native) *could* 
> have acceptable performance.  The problem is that they won't, since they're 
> going to be running (it would appear) Java, and Java comes with a very heavy 
> performance penalty.  What's more, it's ludicrous to have to download every 
> program you want to run.  The fact is that PCs are **very** cost-effective, and 

	And what does a PC with a network server and the applications
installed on the file server? Exactly that!

	And regarding performance... what about the typical MS Applications
people use? They seem to be written in interpreted BASIC! And, worse,
are *extremely* unreliable. 

> a lot of that is due to the huge production volumes in that architecture.  I 
> simply don't think that the NC is going to be significantly cheaper!  Heck, the 
> PC motherboards only cost $100-200, with a CPU (unless you really go high end) 
> and just about everything else is going to be (and cost!) the same on an NC as 
> on a PC!  So even if the NC eliminated the PC motherboard and CPU *entirely* it 
> would only bring down the cost by $100-200.  Which isn't nearly enough to 
> compensate for the hugely reduced functionality and expandability/upgradeability 
> compared to a PC.

	A PC costs a lot more. You need a motherbord, box, power supply,
a lot of RAM if you are going to use a RAM waster like Microchoff stuff...

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