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linux inferno woes

Hi folks,

	I've been playing with Inferno 1.0 on both Windblows95 and Linux
	recently. The W95 version seems stable but the Linux emu
	*almost always* craps out with "panic: Sleep xxx xxx r=..."
	messages. I also see a "semctl: Invalid argument" message
	sometimes after emu has crashed. It usually happens after
	I've been running the supplied programs Charon/Brutus etc.
	for a while.
	Has anyone else using the Linux Inferno version had problems of
	this sort ?

	My setup is:
		RedHat 4.1 Linux 2.0.27
		486 DX2 66
		32 Mb RAM
		S3 805 video card
		1 Mb VRAM
		XFree86 3.2