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Inferno web server.

Greg Kochanski wrote:

> First, httpd is in /dis/svc/httpd/httpd, and the
> control files are in /services/httpd/httpd.* not
> /services/httpd/log/*
> Second, it should be mentioned that httpd answers
> tcp!*!http, so your services file must define http to
> be port 80 or 8000 or whatever you want the server
> to respond to.  That's not in the services.txt file
> that you use during installation.

What should the correct services file look like? I can't seem to make it
work. "http	80/tcp	httpd	" doesn't seem to do it, regardless of port.
Also do you happen to know where it keeps the data? Please email me back
any comments or suggestions, i'd love to get an inferno web server
running. Thanks.
				-<Anthony Sorace>-