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Inferno & CyberExpress

Inferno helps CyberExpress cross language barriers 


  MURRAY HILL, N.J. -- Lucent Technologies' Inferno TM Network Software
Solutions Group today announced that CyberExpress, an Internet
technology company, will use the Inferno network operating system to
deliver free, multi-language services over the Internet.

  CyberExpress' initial product, the CE2000, is a graphical Internet
interface which gives users a simple and quick way to retrieve
information, browse the Web, email, Web cast and chat in their native
language. Currently, the product supports English, Chinese, Japanese and
Korean languages. Support for additional languages, videoconferencing
and Internet telephony will be provided in the future.

  "Nearly four million North American residents are Asian-speaking, and
that number is growing rapidly," said Larry Bernstein, chief technical
officer for CyberExpress. "The CE2000 is a much needed service in the
Internet market, and Inferno helps us deliver this valuable service to
the consumer's Internet access device of choice." 

  The CE2000 network service gives users the flexibility to personalize
news and information. Once the user specifies preferences and areas of
interest, the program retrieves automatically the information from the
Internet. Topics available include business and finance, sports and
entertainment, culture and arts, weather and travel, and politics and

  Mike Skarzynski, vice president and general manager for Inferno
Network Software Solutions, said, "The network-ready and
platform-independent nature of Inferno is an ideal environment for the
type of dynamic, interactive and personalized services that CyberExpress
provides. While the vast majority of Internet access devices being used
today are personal computers, Inferno's small memory requirement allows
CyberExpress to capitalize on the emerging information appliance

  Inferno Release 1.0, announced in March, is a real-time network
operating system that provides a software infrastructure for businesses
to create distributed network applications. The Inferno system supports
highly interactive software applications in 88 languages on virtually
any computer or entertainment system, over any communications network,
from telephony and cable television to satellite broadcast and the

  CyberExpress also is a member of the Inferno Partners Program, a
consortium of leading-edge companies working together to fuel
marketplace growth for intelligent networks and information appliances.

  Customers interested in becoming a member of the Inferno Partners
Program or obtaining an Inferno 1.0 Development Kit should call

  Evaluation copies of the product and application demonstrations are
available on the World Wide Web at http://www.lucent.com/inferno/.

  CyberExpress, Inc., founded in 1995, is an Internet technology
company. The cornerstone of its strategy is a breakthrough technology
that uses open development architecture. The CyberExpress 2000 (CE2000)
is the first in a series of a multi-language, platform-independent
software products for the Internet. The CE2000 is available for download
from the CyberExpress Web site at http://www.cyberexp.com.

  Lucent Technologies (http://www.lucent.com) designs, builds and
delivers a wide range of public and private networks, communications
systems and software, consumer and business telephone systems and
microelectronics components. Bell Labs (http://www.bell-labs.com) is the
research and development arm for the company. 

For more information, reporters may contact:

  Glynnis Woolridge
  Lucent Technologies - Bell Labs
  Work 908.582.4120

  Thomas Labus
  Work 908.548.1008

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