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Re: Inferno & CyberExpress

Bonnie Caraway wrote:

>   CyberExpress, Inc., founded in 1995, is an Internet technology
> company. The cornerstone of its strategy is a breakthrough technology
> that uses open development architecture. The CyberExpress 2000 (CE2000)
> is the first in a series of a multi-language, platform-independent
> software products for the Internet. The CE2000 is available for download
> from the CyberExpress Web site at http://www.cyberexp.com.

Dear all,
Did anybody tried CyberExpress ? It is awkfully SLLLLOOOOW on my
486 PC running NT4.0 with 24MB memory. I hope(and I believe) it is
not an example of the company's claimed future Inferno based product.
Otherwise I think it gives a very bad image 
bad reputation of Inferno.
Content wise, the service is not attractive - it is too mainland
China oriented. You don't have much choice on the newspapers - they
are all from mainland China. That translates to a monotonic, 1-sided
opinion on everything. I also don't understand why it put up copies
of Chinese Classic literature up there.