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Re: Lucent Technologies & Sun Microsystems

> So why is everyone so utterly anti-Java?  It looks to me like it
> will have a place in the universe, possibly along-side Limbo, for
> the very reason that C++ has a role while C stays a viable language..

I find it, that there are usually two kinds of people who are utterly
anti-something. People who have their own strong beliefs and people
who strongly believe in people who have their own strong beliefs.

We had a short seminar on Inferno/Dis/Limbo here and I asked why OO
ideas did not make their way into Inferno. The guy said that Rob Pike
didn't like OO for certain technical reasons. I was even promised some
references, but never received them. :( If anybody on this list knows
of any technical papers written by Rob Pike or other Inferno people on
this subject would you be so kind as to direct me to them. Semi-technical
would do, too. :) Any nonflammable comments are also welcome.