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Re: Lucent Technologies & Sun Microsystems

Limbo is quite a different language from C,
with quite a different style.  it's a problem that there
aren't yet enough (any) books about it out there to
help make the difference plain; you have to look through
source code, and even then you're seeing people coming
to grips with a completely different style.

it's certainly true that at the statement level Limbo
addresses most of the obvious complaints about
C (often complaints about C not anticipating all
the discoveries about computer languages made
after it was designed!).  that's easy and not too interesting.
the support for concurrency, and module-oriented approach to structuring
of data and applications that Limbo induces is radically
different from C, C++ and Java; that's a bonus.

it's not enough to have a large number of `standard objects'
available: you need structural coherence.