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RE: Hot Peppers, Cool Marketing

Depends where you live. The following advice applies for U.K. climes,
and is based on growing other Habaneros.

*	Keep the pots very small, and wait until the roots have filled the pot
before potting on
*	Dont overwater as they rot off easily when small
*	They need a lot of light and warmth, so unless you have a greenhouse,
they are best kept on a warm well lit window sill until summer and then
planted out
*	It's possible that they will not fruit in the first season, so be
prepared to dig them up and bring them in again. Overwintering is quite
successful, with fruits developing the following spring
*	Eat with care

And now a in-joke for forsyth@plan9.cs.york.ac.uk:

"Do you think this chilli's hot? I don't think this chilli's hot..."

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>Any advice on the cultivation of the hot peppers Lucent has mailed out?