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Re: Launching Inferno

> I believe IBM has a virtual lock on anything the International Olympic
> Committee does through the 2002 Games in Salt Lake City.
> Which is to say, IBM will be pushing its own wares (someone refresh my
> memory. What do these guys do again? :) for all the Olympics-related sites.

	Oh, yes, they did a "wonderful" work at Atlanta. (BTW, all was
really "wonderful"). 

> I think the World Cup, Super Bowl, et al., could be possible, but as the
> Atlanta Games have shown, there is a GREAT BIG opportunity for large
> projects such as these to fall flat on their faces for all the world to
> see...

	Seriously, I think Inferno is ideally suited for the task. Anyway, a
cable TV network with millions of subscribers is much larger than the
network for the Olympic Games...

	Inferno running on set-op boxes would be much more reliable
than the horrible OS/2...


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