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Re: Launching Inferno

I believe IBM has a virtual lock on anything the International Olympic
Committee does through the 2002 Games in Salt Lake City.
Which is to say, IBM will be pushing its own wares (someone refresh my
memory. What do these guys do again? :) for all the Olympics-related sites.

I think the World Cup, Super Bowl, et al., could be possible, but as the
Atlanta Games have shown, there is a GREAT BIG opportunity for large
projects such as these to fall flat on their faces for all the world to

Matthew May
Webmaster, The Expert Marketplace

> From: Borja Marcos <borjam@we.lc.ehu.es>
> To: inferno@artnet.com.br
> Subject: Launching Inferno
> Date: Monday, March 10, 1997 2:43 PM
> 	Hello,
> 	This is an idea for Lucent to help promote Inferno.
> 	I think a *great* launch for Inferno would
> be the next Olympic Games. Just think about the potential of using
> set-top boxes, which can be at the hotels, or allowing journalists to
> hook their laptops to the network, all with the flexibility
> of Inferno.
> 	It would be a great way of showing Inferno to the public.
> 	Borja.
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