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Re: out of memory

> i take it by crashes, that the emulator has taken a panic? 
> the "allocb" one? 
 i really didn't plan to examine it in detail, ie. i would have provided
more information if i had seen any message: i started emu by clicking on
the icon, so when emu crashed, both windows, just disappeared.
 i don't have any real "computer" handy, but i'll check more in detail as
soon as i can:
 starting emu from dos shell, and probably running, some more "advanced"
 (although i don't think it would be too much help: anyone can try this)

> in emulation mode if your application needs more memory there is
> a command line option that will increase the emulator's limit:
>         -p<poolname>=maxsize
  i didn't do any real work, i was just curious about the behaviour of
the emulation environment.

                     Gergely Fodemesi