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Re: Inferno and UNIX

Maybe a reasonable way to look at things is that Inferno is perfectly
happy talking to UNIX processes (using dial, for example) and sitting on
top of a UNIX file system, but it offers some very useful benefits by
being different (e.g., garbage collection and pointer safety). So if you
have C code that does useful things at the level of process, like
servers, etc., then just contact them from Inferno and have the best of
both worlds. I don't think it necessarily makes sense to try to bring
all the processes in the cosmos under the Inferno umbrella, after all
its not as fast as C. Inferno brings real portability and the
flexability of namespace, etc. but its not the answer to everything and
I don't believe the inventors intended it to be.

No need to "break Inferno" to have UNIX -- we have them both right now,
lets figure out where each has the advantage.

Ian Bruce
(630) 713-7387