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Re: Ideas

> >My opinion is that inferno will be succesful if and only if it
> >provides an awesome (and free) Web browser with a large set of colorful
> >(possibly useless) applets. The success of Java was initially due to
> >the existence of HotJava (even if we don't see many HotJava today).

That initial success is rapidly dissapating as the Real World sets in.  The
web browser/applet trick was good for a bus ride -- but where are they now?
 Floundering around trying to define Java's target.

Please, don't try the web angle.  Nobody wants another
bouncing-balls-on-a-webpage dog and pony show.  I marvel that the Sun hype
impressed anyone, but even though the gullible went for it once, I doubt
they'll be suckers for the same doo-dads again.

> I kind of agree. Web browser is currently the icon of a computer
> application.

"It's been done."  Nothing good can come of it.  What do we want?  "Hey, it
can do tha same thing as Java, why'd they bother?" 

If Lucent wants to impress anyone, they should show us a practical use for
it.  The web has been done -- Yet Another Applet Language / Applet Standard
is not going to accomplish much.

As a self-centered PC user, this means seamless support for Inferno/apps in
Win95 & NT with native UI and C++ performance.   A game, for instance,
would do a lot to distance Inferno from Java's exceptionally *awful*
graphics performance.  


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