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Re: Q: Connecting to remote system.

Hi Justin, i just installed inferno on my machine. For inferno i upgraded
from win3.1 to win95. I'll eventually want to connect it to a Sparc4 running
Solaris and an SGI with irix5.3 - your experience will probably save some
headaches. But right now i have problems with the win95 box.

The box is at home and not connected to any network (i can login remotely)

I followed the instructions from the manual to set up a server,
but when i did the

   changelogin xyzzy
   getauthinfo default

with remote user xyzzy, i get an error message

   can't connect to login daemon

have you seen this? do you have any suggestions?

(i actually don't know what i'm supposed to put for my machine name
 in <inferno_root>/services/cs/db ... do i have to put the win95 into
 a loopback, if i do, how do i do this?)

thanks so much,

Fernando J. Nuflo       University of Toronto         fernando@vis.toronto.edu
  "Fear is close to satisfaction; the stronger the fear, the greater the
       satisfaction, not later or before, but at the same time."
                                                     -Reinhold Messner