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RE: Q: Connecting to remote system.

Original question had to do with connecting two inferno systems over the =
internet.  One a solaris box, and the other a Windows 95 box.

I would like to thank:
	Bruce Westergren (westergren@lucent.com)
	Jerry Caesar (caesar@cadsun.corp.mot.com)
	And a few others that I can not remember right now.

I had a permissions problem with the Inferno OS.  I was assuming that =
the users were similar to that on a UNIX box.  I did not take into =
consideration that each user environment, or each namespace is pretty =
much independent.  I ended up having to run as an inferno user (inferno) =
which also owned all the software related to inferno on the Solaris box. =
 Windows 95 does not have many permission items, so it did not matter =
who I ran as.  I am used to having a all powerful root user that I only =
login as if I need to fix something.   In the solaris inferno, the user =
who owns the files needs to handle the signer function. (or at least =
start them).

Thanks for all your time.  This now brings up an interesting question.  =
Are inferno based devices better off only having one user, or no human =
users controlling it?  These types of permissions thing do not matter is =
you are using Inferno to share devices, or act as a router.  If anyone =
has any comments on this, please let me know.  With everything having =
the different names spaces, I do not see how two could share a namespace =
from a users perspective. (neglecting that someone did not code a =
program that shared the names spaces).

Thanks again!

Justin (jhitt@osn.net)

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From: 	bruce westergren[SMTP:westergren@lucent.com]
Sent: 	Thursday, November 21, 1996 12:02 PM
To: 	inferno@interstice.com
Subject: 	Re: Q: Connecting to remote system.

Let's first make sure everything is setup correctly.  You do not
need to do the bind and start of the connection service (cs).  The
srv service is all you need.  On the Solaris (Signer) box you
need to setup a directory for your login under the usr directory
and the create a keyring subdirectory.  Now do the following after
starting the emu:

Solaris$ lib/srv
Solaris$ changelogin <your login name>
Solaris$ getauthinfo default

Now you should be ready for remote connections. You only need to=20
changelogin once and if you decided to save the authinfo you do
not need to do this again either.


Justin W. Hitt wrote:
> I have found a Sparc10 running Solaris 2.5.1, and a Win95.  I am =
trying =3D
> to connect these two systems using inferno, to do a little testing.  I =
> get the Solaris box up with ``emu'', and the following:
> bind '#I' /net
> lib/cs
> lib/srv
> My Win95 box can not connect to the Solaris box.  I get the following =
on =3D
> the Solaris box.
> New client (STYX): /net/tcp/5!1313
> bad message type in exportproc
> I can do a ``getauthinfo'' from the Win95 box (using the Solaris box =
as =3D
> the Signer) and it works correctly.  I can also make another emu =
window =3D
> on the Win95 box, and clone the Solaris environment.  This gives me a =
> good connection with the remote directory tool.
> There are some network differences between the two emu sessions.  The =
> emu sessions on the Win95 box are using loopback, and between the =
Win95 =3D
> box -> Solaris I use a dial-up line over the internet.
> If anyone knows what is going on, please let me know.
> Justin (jhitt@osn.net)
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