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Re: WebATM and Inferno?

(About Friday Associates WebA(utomatic)T(eller)M(achine) project, 
Well, all the luck to your project, although I don't believe in it. Just one 
major correction to your Inferno impression:

Inferno is really not only a competitor to Microsoft CE or this new Motorola 
PDA OS. Inferno is a MUCH larger thing. It and the forecoming Bell Labs 
ultra-high-end Inferno/Plan9 continuum, Brazil, exhibit the dominating 
future paradigmas for operating systems, distributed ("client-server") 
applications and networking.

Inferno will run in telephones and parallel supercomputers. Inferno will 
beat and replace all other new and proprietary embedded and microkernel 
OS's, Unix variations and finally MS-Windows. It can even make arbitrarily 
large parts of the global IP network an exchangeable low level 
implementation of Styx.

(Styx is the Inferno communications protocol,  I can easily see it very much 
as "the UUCP of the 90's". I was alway angry about TCP/IP becoming the 
standard instead of simple, flexibe and high-level UUCP. Look how UUCPish 
the dominating protocols of Internet, SMTP and HTTP, really are!)

And remember, the various Inferno emulation ports provide a perfect, 
incremental and evolutionary upgrade path where you can start building 
Inferno applications today and they will coexist smoothly will all old 
systems and networks. At any point in time they, or distributed parts of 
them, are executable in superior, simple, fast, cheap new native Inferno