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Re: random number generation

I'm sure that at the native level the support you ask for is a simple piece
of C code to call your device {probably a bus resident device on either the
processor I/O bus (e.g. PCI) or some lower level bus (e.g. RS-232 serial port)}

Assuming you've got Inferno ported to your basic device processor etc this
is realtively straightforward.

The real challenge comes when you try to develop application level code
before you've got the hardwarfe running native inferno

Such a simulation/emulation running on a PC under NT for instance depends on
Inferno in the emulation mode being able to use existing
windows NT calls

This as in the cases of audio, IR controls, MPEG video, etc again seems to
suggest the need for greater support for drivers for basic hardware services
at the emulation level under NT etc.

Hope the Inferno Dev team is listening

ted kochanski


My development process is in the {Wait for dev/speaker and dev/ir in
emulation mode} state

At 01:14 PM 11/11/96 +0100, you wrote:
>	Hello,
>	I published a leter to the editor in the September'96 issue
>of Dr. Dobb's Journal about the need to use hardware-based 
>random number generators to be sure that randomly-generated keys
>are unpredictable.
>	Are there any plans to support such devices in Inferno?
>Given the intended market for it (network computers, PDAs, set-top
>boxes...) it seems that a really good generator will be mandatory
>for Inferno, as mandatory as a good cryptography support.
>	Borja.
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