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Building a native Inferno PC based platform


We are building Inferno based applications on emu and ultimately they must
be portable to native Inferno platforms as well as offering full device
support on PC's running Win 95 or Win NT- 4.0

Our immediate (next week) concern is to port the emu tested applications
(without sound on emu and using the IR simulation) to a PC running native
Inferno supporting both sound and IR remote control (through the serial port)

I've received lots of conflicting signals about how easy it is to build a
native Inferno PC platform -- hardware requirements, software doodling etc

Is there a common hardware spec for graphics, sound, serial I/O that I need
to follow and if so what is it ?

How much time would it be expected to take for someone unfamiliar with
Inferno internals and with only some tens of hours of experience with
Inferno on emu -- to install a native Inferno OS on a Pentium PC

Is this a realistic challenge to attempt in the next 96 hours (running
non-stop like Bob Dole)

Can some of the more experienced Inferno folk -- let us know what we're in for?


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