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RE: Building a native Inferno PC based platform

Ted (tpk@sensorysys.com):

After you are done installing the Native Inferno, please give the rest =
of us a little report.  I would think it would be a bit like installing =
Linux, or Plan9, but please let us know.

If anyone else has had experiences with the Native Inferno, please let =
the rest of us know.  I personally would be interested in hearing about =

Justin (jhitt@osn.net)
Open Systems Networking, Inc.

From: 	tedk[SMTP:tpk@sensorsys.com]
Sent: 	Monday, November 04, 1996 7:17 AM
To: 	inferno@interstice.com
Subject: 	Building a native Inferno PC based platform


We are building Inferno based applications on emu and ultimately they =
be portable to native Inferno platforms as well as offering full device
support on PC's running Win 95 or Win NT- 4.0

Our immediate (next week) concern is to port the emu tested applications
(without sound on emu and using the IR simulation) to a PC running =
Inferno supporting both sound and IR remote control (through the serial =

I've received lots of conflicting signals about how easy it is to build =
native Inferno PC platform -- hardware requirements, software doodling =

Is there a common hardware spec for graphics, sound, serial I/O that I =
to follow and if so what is it ?

How much time would it be expected to take for someone unfamiliar with
Inferno internals and with only some tens of hours of experience with
Inferno on emu -- to install a native Inferno OS on a Pentium PC

Is this a realistic challenge to attempt in the next 96 hours (running
non-stop like Bob Dole)

Can some of the more experienced Inferno folk -- let us know what we're =
in for?


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