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Public/proprietary Inferno/Java

The general impression seems to be that Inferno is proprietary and Java is 
somehow more open. Could you clarify this issue? It seems to me that Inferno 
is legally no more - or less - controlled by Lucent than Java is by Sun.

But of course because Lucent has not managed to form a large industry 
consortium around Inferno, it is "de facto" much more controlled by Lucent. 
In practice we can forecast that Sun can not develop Java to any direction 
it wants, it is bound by the public Java bandwagon and goodwill. So far the 
roadmap for Inferno is not only totallly "proprietary" but also mostly 

Does Lucent have a commitment to provide at least a light "shareware" 
version of Inferno runtime? How about development tools? I would expect that 
the grade of publicly downloadable tools would stay at least at the 
functionality level of the current 0.2 beta?